Getting An Annulment, Is It A Better Choice Than Divorce?

annulment nevadaAre you in an unhappy marriage? It is nothing to be ashamed about. As people there are times when that particular person that we once wanted to marry change, and we no longer have the same feelings for our partner. If this is you, then there are steps that you and your spouse can take to see if the relationship is worthy of being rekindled and placed back on the burner. The first step is to admit that there is a problem in the relationship and to make a time to discuss this with our partner in a clear, decisive manner. You may find that the mountain you feel is insurmountable is more of a molehill and that things can easily be repaired so that the relationship can continue with both of you working on issues to move things forward into calmer waters. If this fails, the next step is to think about professional assistance in the way of a marriage counselor to see if this is a way for you to reconcile your differences. Failing the above, you may well find that it is time shut up shop on the relationship and part ways so that both of you can move forward and in time develop new relationships that may be more suitable for you. And it is when one member or both of a married couple decides that a permanent split is the better decision that problems start to arise. If you want to head toward divorce, then you will need to secure a lawyer to work and deal on your behalf. There is a good chance that once you invite these legal strangers to the divorce conversation that things become more difficult as well as much more expensive. There is also a very high chance of a delay as legal discussions take place as to who should leave the marriage with what property, money and the possibility of custody and conditions placed on any children that stemmed from the union.

So How Does An Annulment Work?

las vegas annulment attorneyHowever, there is another way for you and your spouse to legally separate while having the marriage legally dissolved and this is through the legal process of annulments in Las Vegas. An annulment can be started by either the husband or the wife and avoids the often messy proceedings of a divorce. On the flip side by entering into a cancellation, you are revoking any of your rights to property of ongoing future support are waived meaning that through a divorce you will walk away with only what you brought to the relationship in the first place. When you move towards an annulment, there are some associated benefits that while at the moment may not seem overly critical but as you move on with your new life you may find them to be significant. For example, the religious community tends to look more favorably on those who have been through the process of an annulment opposed to those who have ended their relationship in a divorce court. And while not suitable for everyone, the opportunity to move forward with no ongoing recrimination over property or money that was taken does sit with everyone. You will still need to seek the advice of a lawyer who will even need to represent you, and you will also need to have a court-approved reason for annulling the marriage. The most general court approved reasons for seeking an annulment are; Bigamy, Fraud, Mental Incompetence or the inability to consummate the union in a legal sense. You will also need proof of the reason for requesting the annulment, however, depending on why the relationship is breaking up, your current spouse may oblige to make it possible for one of the above reasons to succeed and allow you to leave the marriage.