A Guide To Getting An Annulment

las vegas annulment costWhen it comes to separating from your spouse, divorce is not the only way to do so. You can get an annulment to end your marital status, but this actually voids the marriage so that it is as though the actual wedding never happened. A civil divorce is different from a religious one, but it basically nulls or voids the marriage so that each person can become single again and re-marry if they wish.

To get an annulment, you will need to prove that your marriage is actually avoidable. Some of the common grounds for this include when one spouse was not of sound mind. For example, when one person was not able to give consent to the marriage due to impairment caused by alcohol, drugs or some other mental impairment. Another reason may be due to force or coercion. This was when one spouse was forced into the marriage due to actual force or a threat of force. Fraud is another reason you can get an annulment where one spouse made false statements. Lastly, you can get an annulment if one person has a physical impairment such as being sexually impotent which actually prevents consummation of the marriage. However, if you knew of your spouse’s sexual impotence before the wedding, then you will not be able to use that reason for an annulment after the marriage.

Other Reasons You May Get An Annulment.

annulment nevadaOther reasons you may get an annulment is if there is bigamy, i.e. one person is already married. You can also get an annulment if one or both persons are under the age of consent and if there is incest which is a marriage between two people that are relatives closer than second cousins.

In closing, we have just looked at a couple of reasons where you can quickly get an annulment. If you’re not sure about your specific situation, then you should see a lawyer for further advice.