Tips For Getting An Annulment

las vegas annulmentAre you considering leaving a marriage? It is never an easy decision to make, but when you have failed to find any other choice, you may figure that you must get a divorce. In all states, you do not need to prove legal grounds for a divorce. This can make it an easy method, although, it is an expensive one.

The cost of filing for divorce and consulting with an attorney is on the rise. If your spouse contests the divorce the price goes even higher. Another route to take is that of an annulment. This is faster and less expensive, but it is also more difficult to obtain.

Helpful Tips For Annulment.

The following tips should be helpful in allowing you to determine if you can get one or not. For an annulment, legally you need to show a reason for wanting to dissolve the marriage. If you can, an annulled marriage is, legally speaking, one that never existed at all. This is helpful for people who were lured into a bad situation and made to marry a person via fraudulent means or for those who have religious reasons for not wanting a divorce.

Some religions do not allow you to remarry once you have divorced. If you can obtain an annulment instead, you would be able to avoid this problem. It should be noted that requesting the legal type is a different process than asking a religious one.

Seek the counsel of a family law attorney. Find out if you have a valid reason to opt for an annulment. If you can show that the marriage was based on fraud or that there was a misunderstanding or that it was never consummated, you likely can file for one.

This is less expensive, faster and allows you to get on with your life without dividing up the property, handling alimony or anything. If you do have children, however, they are still legitimate, and the spouse would even be considered the father.